10:00 AM10:00

Reiki first degree workshop


Heal yourself and others to reduce stress, manage pain, improve energy levels, and boost your natural healing abilities. Reiki can also be a great meditation practice.

Reiki is suitable for all ages, young or old, and no previous experience is necessary.

This one day Course teaches you how to confidently treat yourself and others with Reiki, using traditional Usui and Tanran Reiki techniques. You will also learn the history of Reiki from Mikao Usui onward, and enjoy lots of hands-on practice both giving and receiving Reiki.

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7:00 PM19:00

Super Full Moon in Virgo Meditation

Join us at the Branches of Healing Loft for the Super Full Moon in Virgo event.

Enjoy our 'Super Earth' Meditation with Sherynne Smith from Serenity Sounds. The meditation will be followed by a powerful Group Reiki Healing from Stuart Adams and a surge of sound therapy from Sherynne.

Bring water, a yoga mat and a pillow to find yourself a comfortable space and immerse yourself in the healing vibrations of quartz singing crystal bowls, chimes and rainstick.

Entry by donation thank you.

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5:30 PM17:30

Naturopathic Weight Loss

Confused about what to eat?
Tired of being told to eat less and exercise more?
Can't get the results you want, no matter how hard you try?

This is the event for you!

Come and learn about:

• Inhibitors to weight loss and how to over-come them
•The Train more Eat Less Fallacy
• How to loose body fat WITHOUT being hungry
• The role of Macronutrients for energy and body composition
• Nutrient timing strategies to optimise YOUR RESULTS!
• How to eat well when you're BUSY!

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